Pediatric Imaging

Oregon Imaging Centers knows that working with children is a privilege that requires an additional level of sensitivity – both to the child and the family. That prompted us to establish a department specifically for pediatric imaging.

The technology available to diagnose pediatric cases is the same as that for adults, but we take additional measures to ensure the child’s comfort and emotional well-being. Each child’s case is carefully evaluated to determine the best way to obtain the necessary imaging with the minimum level of impact to the child. For example, a PET scan will be done at the very lowest dose of exposure.

The interpretation of your child’s images is just as important as the images themselves. Oregon Imaging Centers’ pediatric radiologist is a highly specialized physician who has specific training to interpret children’s medical images.

Children encounter the same needs for medical imaging as adults. From diagnosing a fracture to any number of other symptoms, a scan can provide your physician with the information needed for a diagnosis and a treatment.

Our staff is specially trained to put our youngest patients at ease by answering their questions in a way that is easy to understand. We take extra time to prepare your child for the imaging by describing what to expect in a clear and honest way. In most cases, we encourage a parent or guardian to remain in the room during a scan. Our goal is for you and your child to feel relaxed and confident, which helps us capture the very best images.

Prep and safety directions vary based on your child’s age and the study being conducted. You will receive clear instructions when you schedule your appointment. You can also review the prep instructions on the website, under the imaging category that applies.

About Image Gently

Oregon Imaging Centers has taken the ‘image gently’ pledge to “child-size” the radiation dose for our pediatric patients. CT scans can save lives by helping your physician make a diagnosis. However, Oregon Imaging Centers has pledged to advocate for conservative use of CT scans for children.

We are working with pediatricians in our community to ensure children are scanned only when necessary and that when a scan is necessary, the child is exposed to the smallest amount of radiation possible. We have also pledged to follow protocols specifically to minimize the amount of radiation a child is exposed to during a CT scan or X-ray.

A highly specialized radiologist will interpret your child’s images and prepare a diagnostic report for your physician. If the examination was ordered “stat” your physician will be notified the same day. If the examination was routine, the results are provided to your physician within 48 hours. Your physician will determine how the radiologists’ report can be used to develop a treatment plan and speak with you about your results.

Q. Can I be with my child during the study?

A. We allow you to remain with your child as much as possible. In some cases you will be asked to step out for a few moments. Each case may vary depending on the type of scan. We are happy to discuss this with you in advance. Just call us.

Q. Should I worry about radiation exposure?

A. We use only digital X-ray equipment, which reduces exposure, and our CT equipment is low-dose. Combined with following Image Gently guidelines, this helps limit exposure. However, with most studies (not ultrasound or MRI) there is some exposure. We encourage you to discuss the risks and benefits of the study with your physician in advance of your child’s study.

We are able to image every part of your child’s body, using the appropriate technology for the symptom or study need. Services include: low-dose CT, fluoroscopy, MRI, PET/CT, ultrasound and digital X-ray.